How to start kitesurfing?

How to start kitesurfing?

Audiophiles say that kiteboarding is not so much a sport as passion. Apparently, one who tries to play with the board and kite, this will lose to her head. Kiteboarding can be grown almost anywhere, at Prasonisi and prevail even ideal conditions for doing so. Do you dream of flying? Try it!

Base Wind4Fun has the latest equipment kiteboardingowym reputable brand RRD . You can not hardly wait to try out new kites and boards ? Patience . Fortunately, now you can not only view them on our website , but the book! Those who are hungry for details , visit the manufacturer's website

We will help you

Our team is always ready to help and advice - to advise you how to choose the right board and kite. And if you will arrive at Prasonisi with own equipment, we are happy for you continue to hold it.

Our instructors are happy to answer your questions about the equipment and its selection.